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Professional Fashion Photographer

Hairstyles / December 9, 2017

Where would present-day advert be today if there were no promotional art photographers in the world, who are looking for new means of expression each day, trying to satisfy everyone: clients and agencies, and - most importantly - the audience.

Painting, sculpture, music inspire people with some kind of special energy. The art of photography is a deep reflection of our reality, sometimes causing unknown sensations. It excites and leaves no one indifferent. Vivid images, deep content — it all comes together in an instant under the eye of the camera. Photography skills are one of the few businesses that include a diversity of images to a narration of the story in one shot.

A professional photographer is one of the most creative professions in the world. He works everywhere - in the air and under water and underground too. Photographer's work is extremely important and necessary to people, sometimes it is hard, but it always yield lovely results.

If you want to have splendid photos and make everyone admire them, you should resort to the leading Dubai fashion photographer Araman, who pays attention to every single detail. People almost every time unite the conception of photographer only with high quality of pictures and do not reflect about various details such as comfort for models, artfulness, subtlety and high production values. But Araman is able to combine all these aspects in his creatures.

He studied at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts. After that he began to work in Dubai and New York. Araman is known in these fancy cities as professional beauty & fashion photographer. His work is a real masterpiece! Araman is an award-winning beauty, hair and fashion photographer, who creates a unique mixture of elegance, passion and superlative beauty.

Every picture is enriched with consummate professionalism and inimitable style. They amaze the onlooker with incredible trick of the light and brightness. Being an artist at heart, he creates his masterpieces, playing with colors and light, embodying the most incredible fantasies of the customers in the picture as on the canvas. Araman also has his own studio, that has won several awards in the UK, US and Australia. He works with such famous brands as Impact BBDO, Harper Bazaar, Leo-Burnett, JWT, Swarovski, Cartier, HSBC, Nike, Vogue, Qatar and Emirates Airlines, Marie Claire, L’Oréal Paris, Herbal Essences and others.