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Hairstyles / August 23, 2020

The start of a new year is a great time to look ahead, so why not focus on the hair that's on yours?

It's 2016 - be a renaissance man and take some time to refine your hairstyle.

"Every guy should have a hair dryer." Lorraine Carlin, creative director and head stylist at Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

"Some are more extreme and some can be more subtle, " she said. It just depends on the shape of your face, what kind of hair you have, how much time you're willing to put into styling your hair every day (and what your workplace will let you get away with, of course).

Basically, are you willing to use a hairdryer? ("Every guy should have a hair dryer, " Carlin said.)

"Talk to your stylist about all these things, " she advised. "They should be able to tell you what you need to do to recreate their look."

To help get you started, here are Carlin's picks for the five hottest looks, along with how to ask your barber for it and how to style it yourself.

  • Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
  • ANDERS WIKLUND via Getty Images

    Who: Cristiano Ronaldo

    What to say:

    Ask for high fades on the sides and keep 2 to 3 inches on the top.

    How to style it: The Ronaldo is worn on top in different ways - it can be messy or pushed to the side, like the Don Draper combover. For a messy look, use a wax or pomade - we like the clay pomade from Baxter of California because it gives texture with clay and beeswax - and finish with some hair spray.

    "If you have curly hair, it would look different than his, but all these cuts can work for any hair type, " Carlin said.

  • Mark Davis via Getty Images
  • Mark Davis via Getty Images

    Who: Zac Efron Keep this one short on the sides and about an inch and a half on top, so that you can style it spiky and messy.

    How to style it: Depending on how thick your hair is, you can style it with a pomade or clay. We recommend the hair paste from Closed On Monday - it's softer than most and gives a great texture to thicker hair, plus it's made with lemon and black pepper and smells very nice - and Baxter of California's clay pomade.

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  • LOIC VENANCE via Getty Images

    Who: Justin Timberlake Ask for a low fade on the sides and keep 3 to 4 inches on the top, to make sure that the top is long enough that it can be combed straight back or to the side.

    How to style it: While it's still a little wet, work in a control paste, such as Truman's The Finisher paste, which is calibrated by the pump so that you don't use too little or too much product. You can comb it in to set or let it air dry in the direction you want.

  • Suhaimi Abdullah via Getty Images
  • Suhaimi Abdullah via Getty Images

    Who: David Beckham Ask for high fades on the sides (but not as high as Ronaldo's) and keep it longer on the top.

    How to style it: Like the Don Draper combover, this look is best styled with a wide-tooth comb and some pomade; run your fingers through your hair and finish with some hair spray.

  • Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
  • John Shearer via Getty Images

    Who: George Alamuddin If you want Clooney's look, ask your stylist to use scissors all around (not the buzzing clippers): short scissors on the side, and scissors on top. "This look is good for either thick or thin hair, " Carlin said.

    How to style it: While it doesn't look like Clooney uses any product - look again. "I always suggest something to make it look finished, " Carlin said. Even the lightest product adds texture and keeps the hairs from frizzing out.

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