65 Gorgeous Medium Hairstyles - Best Mid Length Haircut Ideas

Fashionable shoulder length hairstyles

Hairstyles / March 17, 2022

medium length hairstyle-28Even one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry also likes to rock a medium-cut length. In this, Lily Collins dons an elegant half updo with a bit of a puff wile keeping the edges swaying for an overall classic look.

Just About Right…

You ever get that feeling that your hair is too long but then you cut it and now it’s too short? You can’t really agree with yourself whether you’re going to make it longer so you can have any hairstyle you want but long hair requires a lot of care and attention and some days are too hot to keep them down for so long. A short hair, although very cool, may not really give you the diversity of hairstyles that you wanted especially when you at least would want to look different everyday. So here’s the best choice: cutting it just about right, medium length. Not too long and not too short.

Now how long is medium length? Well it’s basically from your shoulders to a couple inches down. See? Not considered long but definitely not a short length. You can still have any design that you want. It also frames the face perfectly so it likely suits any shape faces.medium length hairstyle-31 Just doing a bit of experiment with the hairstyle could bring you a smaller face or you can have it tied up so you would look a bit bigger. So besides being able to bring a new hairstyle to the table everyday, you could make it work to suit your type of face.

The Hairstyle for Everyone

Another amazing thing about a medium haircut is its ability to suit almost anyone. Aside from any facial shape, this hair length is also perfect for kids, teenagers, young professionals or older women. Everyone could enjoy a great hair day with this perfect cut.

And speaking of cuts, a medium hair length could also be cut in various styles and trends. If you want a simple straight cut, med-length works wonders. If you want a bob? Don’t worry, you can have it midway as well.medium length hairstyle-5 Even in hairstyles, whether you want a sleek ponytail to those elegant curls, you’ve got a whole selection of looks to choose from. And you can instantly go from girly to formal to if you want. All with the freedom given by a medium cut.

Don’t be afraid to try any hairstyle you like. You can make it go with your personality or with the outfit you’ll be wearing. Plus the biggest advantage of having a med-length cut is that when it still feels a bit long for you or you wanted a shorter ‘do after experiencing it, then you have the freedom to chop off bits of your hair until you finally get the look you want.medium length hairstyle-6 It will give you more looks to rock and experience.

But staying with a medium hair length is a great choice. So in case you want to explore it more, here are a few hairdos you can totally do with a just about right haircut.

One of the easiest way to look chic is to get curls. And medium length hair with curls would give you the best results.

If you want to be a bit more subtle and casual, strands of waves and softer curls would do the job.

Autumn is also a halfway between the end of summer and the beginning of winter. So complete your Autumn look with a wavy and messy but totally stunning hairstyle.

Frame that beautiful face by brushing the hair softly from the face for a clearer look and then finishing by blowing the edges away.

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