49 Cool Short Hairstyles + Haircuts For Men (2017 Guide)

Cool Short hairstyles for men

Hairstyles / June 15, 2022

A man with a Burr Cut hairstyleWant to know which short hairstyles for men will keep your head cool for summer? Learn about the Burr Cut, Crew Cut, High and Tight, Mohawk and Fade hairstyles to keep you with a fresh head summer long!

As summer approaches, we all want to keep a cool head; and, as you will now, men with thick and/or curly hair fare the worst when it comes to keeping their manes, and therefore their heads, as cool as a cucumber, yours truly included. At Manly Curls, we are here to give you follicular solutions, and one of these solutions I want to offer to you today is how to avoid suffocation during summer as your waves, coils or kinks form a thick-a-liscious impenetrable barrier that heats up real quick and allows no air to cool your watermelon (i.e. head). Ergo, I want to give you now 5 short hairstyles for men that will help you keep cool during summer and also give you a very stylish set of locks.

Short hairstyles for men to keep your head cool during summer

Before I go into outlining the 5 short hairstyles that will keep your head cool, allow me to first say that a haircut and a hairstyle are 2 different creatures that are many times confused by average Joes. However, when it comes to short hairstyles, a haircut that leaves the hair short will also pass as a hairstyle because short hair, in most cases, cannot be styled or, if it is styled, it will be minimal; ergo, the way in which you get your haircut done will be how your hair will be looking for the many weeks ahead, and thus the haircut you get done will become your actual hairstyle. I’m saying this because, with short hairstyles, the line between haircuts and hairstyles can be trespassed, and I will be doing so below.

Continue reading, fellow Manly Curls reader; it will all start to make sense now.

Burr Cut

Robie Van Persie with a Crew Cut haircut and hairstyle.The Burr Cut is a type of buzz cut (i.e. a clipped hairstyle), and the Burr Cut essentially has you clipping your hair to an even #1 guard length or an even lower length. The whole point of the Burr Cut is that your hair is kept at a near shaved length all around the head. In terms of keeping your head cool, the Burr Cut will work the best, for there will practically be no head; having said that, be aware that, because the hair is so short, you can easily sunburn your scalp, so make sure you wear a sunscreen with your Burr Cut (I’ll outline the products you need at the end of the article).

Classic Crew Cut

A Crew Cut is a haircut that is pretty much a short taper all over your head: the sides and back are tapered to the skin while the top of the head is tapered up from the crown so that the hair on the forehead’s hairline is a tad longer than the crown.The edges of the haircut are smoothed and shaped to the skull.

Because the hair is very short (the front of the head is left at a #4 guard length), there’s no real need to style the Crew Cut, and you can simply grab some pomade and freestyle any hair length that is left on the top of the head (best styling option for the Crew Cut is to lift the hair up).

High and Tight

The High and Tight is my favorite short men’s hairstyle, simply for the reason that the hairstyle rocks! The High and Tight is a military haircut associated with the Marines, and the High and Tight can be made even tighter and narrower through its hardcore version, the High and Tight Recon.

A male in the military with a High and Tight hairstyle.The hair in the High and Tight is clipped to an even #1 guard length or so on the back and sides while the top is left a couple of guard lengths higher (a #4 or so); there’s no smoothing of the edges, which is the reverse of the Crew Cut haircut.


Ok, it’s summer time: women are wearing practically no clothes and you are looking thick, solid, tight from having worked out since January 1st (or more like for the last 10 days); you look so diesel that, if The Situation saw you, he would bend down on his knees and kiss your feet while accepting to sing “Power Face” by Lady Gaga as a sign of his submission to you. A diesel body calls for a diesel hairstyle, my friend, and it doesn’t get any diesel-er (is that even a word?) than a Mohawk hairstyle.

To get a Mohawk, clip all of your hair with a #1 guard length (or even no guard if you prefer), only leaving a 1-inch-wide strip of hair running through the middle of the top of your head, from the forehead right till the nape. The hair should be about 1 inch long, so the cue that I always tell guys who are crazy enough to follow my advice is to go, “1 by 1”; I use this “1 by 1” terminology ‘cos we’re usually so drunk that the guys asking me for hair advice and whom I’ve convinced to get a Mohawk cannot possibly remember any further instructions for the Mohawk hairstyle.

David Beckham with a Mohawk hairstyleOnce you get the haircut for the Mohawk, you then style the Mohawk by directing the hair in the left-out strip towards the center so that a crest is formed; you can use your fingers or a comb.

Classic Fade haircut

Simply put, if you want to have a cool head that looks cool, you better go with a Fade haircut; the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sported a Fade haircut throughout all seasons of the sitcom in the early ’90s, yet rest assured that a Fade is trendy regardless of the year. The Fade haircut is accomplished by clipping the hair so short that it looks like it fades into the skin: you can normally have the hair fading into the skin higher (High Fade) or lower (Low Fade), and this specific tidbit I’d rather leave up to you. Simply ask your barber for a Fade and tell him to start low, and, if you don’t like it, then tell him to go higher. In the Fade haircut, the top of the head is left at a clipped length; ergo there’s no styling, and your Fade haircut becomes your Fade hairstyle.

Hair products for these short men’s hairstyles

While I recommend you to get your first haircut at the barber/hairdresser and to then experiment on your own, I also do recommend that you own your own hair cutting equipment, for most hairstyles can be retouched weekly by yourself without having to hit the barber day in and day out. These are the hairstyling tools I recommend for your short summer hairstyles:

A summer with a short hairstyle and a cool head

Not all short men’s hairstyles are created equal and thus look equal. I have outlined to you 5 short hairstyles that will look flat-out awesome: the Burr Cut, the Classic Crew Cut, the High and Tight, the Mohawk and the Fade. You now have access to the right information, young grasshopa, and it is now that pass on to you my good vibes so that you go ahead, get yourself a hair clipper and turn up at work with a Mohawk next Monday after having partied the weekend away with two blondes. Do it the Manly Curls way, fellow cool cat: take no prisoners!

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